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Philadelphia Fashion Incubator is an investment in the future of the City’s fashion start-up community. Our emerging entrepreneurs have the potential to positively impact Philadelphia’s apparel manufacturing and retail economy. Through job creation and local vendor support, PFI wants to help them succeed with their go-to market strategies and in creating sustainable businesses. PFI’s impact goes beyond our alumnae through tangible accomplishments such as:

  • Revenue Creation and Economy Boosting
  • Enriching Creative Culture and Community by Retaining Top Talent
  • Advancing Women and Minorities in Business


With your support, we will carry the conversation around fashion entrepreneurship forward.

Join us as we fuel creativity with business solutions and build a stronger, more dynamic Philadelphia. Let’s reinvigorate this industry and show the nation how this city feels about fashion entrepreneurship.


Financial Donations (Individual or Corporate)


Donations will facilitate growth of the program and also ensure Philadelphia Fashion Incubator is able to provide the Designers-in-Residence (DIR) with the resources they will need to thrive. By providing DIR with essential business tools and curriculum, they will be able to succeed and stay current within the fast-paced fashion industry.


The Philadelphia Fashion Incubator is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.