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Ann Luchade


Class of 2018

Ann Luchade is a contemporary womenswear line designed by Retania Ann Drain.

The focal points are fit and design for the strong, sexy, and fearless woman. The brand is for the woman who loves taking risks and is inspired by architectural shapes and accentuating the body’s feminine features. Aesthetically, Retania Ann Drain is strongly influenced by structure, nature, and music. Her designs transform these elements into its own unique and edgy ready-to-wear design. 

Ann has developed an approach that is designed to accommodate even the most discerning of clients. She works closely to develop each concept, creating a unique custom experience. Her mission is to create an extraordinary guest experience that nurtures, and allows each client to indulge in luxury and everlasting style. Every design is focused on how Ann can flatter the “real woman’s body” while allowing women to express themselves freely.