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IVAT® More Than A Brand™


Class of 2023

IVAT's mission is to inspire the youth through fashion and develop their minds through literacy. 

Alma Mater

University of Miami - Bachelor of Science

NYU - Paralegal Studies

The Collection

Quality leather jackets with unique detailed designs and embroidered inspirational quotes.

The Inspiration

Fashion and educating the youth!

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Taliah has always been into fashion and it only compounded after she studied abroad in Italy as a foreign exchange student when she was 16 years old. Taliah had always wanted to be a fashion designer. It wasn’t until she became a mother and was looking for a cranberry leather blazer for her 1-year-old son for Easter. After searching every department store and Children’s boutique in Philadelphia, she couldn’t find it because she created it in her head. It was at that time that she decided to create a children’s clothing line that specialized in leather jackets. With a passion for fashion and educating the youth,  Taliah put both together and created a clothing line that would “inspire the youth through fashion and develop their minds through literacy”. I named the brand after my son. The brand name IVAT (pronounced /ē/-vät) is his name backward with one A. 

IVAT is unmatched, from the quality of our leather jackets to the unique detailed designs and embroidered inspirational quotes. Creating a luxury brand that would inspire the youth to dream, express themselves through fashion, be who they are and believe in themselves ensures that we will have well-dressed, confident, and educated children.

Voloshin is a reflection of Amy's personal aesthetic and desire for comfort and subtle luxury.  Worn by those who seek to live a meaningful and fulfilled life but are not afraid to make a statement.  Made in India in workshops with the highest ethical standards.