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Madelange Laroche

Bridal Womenswear

Class of 2018

Madelange Laroche is a custom wedding dresses designer along with her ready-to-wear collection who don’t subscribe to the stressful and ‘over-the-top’ stigma of wedding dress shopping.

An alum of Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, Madelange Laroche honed her skills early on apprenticing under Frank Agostino before pursuing the launch of her own label. Born and raised in Haiti, Madelange grew-up in a very large family. As the youngest of fourteen children, Madelange grew up watching her mother and sister make clothes for a living. This is when she first discovered her passion for design as she would pick up their swatch fabrics to make clothes for her dolls.

While at Moore, she won the Savannah De Vore ’98 critic award for her menswear and womenswear line, the Atlantic City Fashion Week Student Showcase, and Franc Augostino evening wear. Madelange has also been featured in the Inquiry newspaper, the Mercury, and the Reporter newspapers.