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Class of 2014

MinkeeBlue creates organized bags for busy women whose role changes throughout the day—as executive, fitness enthusiast, daily commuter, and mom.

Alma Mater

Drexel University


Family Care Solutions

The Collection

Problem-solving, versatile bags for versatile women

The Inspiration

“One bag will do”, improving the daily lives of customers

MinkeeBlue, LLC is a fashion accessories brand in the travel and business categories. The company designs and manufactures organizational bags that are stylish, functional and versatile for the purpose of improving any travel experience.

Sherrill Mosee is former president of Family Care Solutions, a nonprofit organization she founded to promote higher education among low-income women with children. The organization awarded over $3 million in childcare scholarships to help women with children stay in school and earn a college degree.

Mosee put her degree in engineering to work and came up with the patented MinkeeBlue design. She describes MinkeeBlue as a reflection of who we are and what we do in our daily lives – Your day is in the Bag!


Everything I needed to know to build my business up, I learned from the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator.