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Class of 2019


Pearce is modern essentials made in natural fabrics. The brand is comprised of comfortable, simple and sleek silhouettes. Launched in 2016, Pearce is an ethical, slow fashion brand that is inclusive for men, women, and all genders.

Pearce is designed by Allie Pearce, a Philadelphia native and graduate of Parsons School of Design. Allie is amember of the artistic and creative community in Philadelphia and sees an opportunity to make clothing that’s special, unique, and has ethical substance and accountability. Pearce is made in America.

Allie has been a professional costume designer since 2009, visually designing characters for film, television, and more. Her experience with character-building in a narrative environment inspired her to create wearable, breathable clothing. Everyone's clothing can tell a story. She has been a member of the Saturday Night Live design team since 2015.