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Truth BE Worn


Class of 2018

Truth BE Worn is a wearable intention apparel brand. With a comfortable, flattering, and timeless signature Embrace Your Truth wrap dress line, the dress inspires and empowers women through fashion and self-expression. 

A force of energy and entrepreneurial spirit, Jill Marple McCabe is the founder of Truth BE Worn®, a fashion brand whose mission is to encourage and empower women to seek and be the best version of themselves. Initially, Truth BE Worn was a playful and cheeky t-shirt brand. Then Jill had a clever idea to take the iconic wrap dress and give it a personality and greater purpose. In addition to creating a dress with the most comfortable and timeless design, fit, and feel, Jill prides herself on the exceptionally easy care and wear of her personalized line of wrap dresses.

Jill’s inspiration for this one-of-a-kind timeless wrap dress with a personal purpose stems from her desire to always be true to who she is at her core; which is playful, curious, and adventurous free spirit, athlete, and entrepreneur. As a tomboy, collegiate NCAA scholarship and decorate athlete, Jill was not one for dresses. Her go-to fashion was not fashion at all: it was comfortable jeans, and t-shirts, and at times a blazer. She found herself void of a go-to garment that she could throw on after a workout and look and feel as empowered as she felt. That’s when she conceptualized taking her percolating Truth BE Worn idea that she first thought of to be an empowerment t-shirt company concept, but then married it with her current need of a timeless fashion and comfortable wrap dress that she could wear, without too much maintenance.